Tailor-made Suits Delivered to Your Doorstep

Legendary® is a proprietary suit label.

Legendary’s mission is to make suits you can be proud of available to everyone in Tokyo.

Twice a year, we invite Thailand’s finest tailor to Japan where clients can have their measurements taken.

The suits are then constructed in Thailand at the tailor’s workshop and delivered to your home.

Tailor-made suits start from 50,000 yen, including shipping.

Ladies can have suits made as well, except with stretch.

Here’s how you can make your suit:

The Next Tailoring Event is in:








Schedule and venue

February 2020 09:00 ~ 21:00
@ Julian’s place in Sendagi, Bunkyo AND
Kanda in Tokyo

Please indicate your interest in attending the event via Facebook or Meetup.com.
Alternatively, you can use the webform below.

Please indicate your interest in attending the event via Facebook.
Alternatively, you can use the webform below or Meetup.com.

The Next Tailoring Event is on:

September 2019 @ Julian’s Place in Sendagi


Service Benefits (Japanese)

・Difference between tailor-made suits and off-the-rack

・Cultural differences in attitude to suits between Western and Japanese

・Reasons for choosing Legendary®

・Benefits of Legendary® suits

・How “Easy” and “Pattern” order suits compare to “Full” order 

・How your “Mode” changes with the suit you wear

About the Label (Japanese)

・Why I started the Label

・Quality of Legendary Suits

・Assisting a client make the perfect suit not only for his body, but for his position

・Consulting on suit fashion

・On the ordering process

・About after-sales service across borders

・On lead time

Four Choices


50,000 yen

50% Wool
50% Microfibre


70,000 yen

80% Wool
20% Microfibre


100,000 yen

100% Grade A Wool


150,000 yen

100% Italian Branded Fabric (VBC)

Service Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Legendary® suits are covered under the suit manufacturer’s service level guarantee.

How it Works

1. Meet your Tailor


Meet at a secret location in Roppongi or Kanda. Measuring takes a minimum of 20 minutes.

2. Choose Fabric


Hundreds of branded and non-branded fabrics and linings to choose from.

3. Get Measured


Choose your style (SB/DB? Lapels? Buttons? Lining? All fully customizable) and have your measurements taken.

4. Pay


Fully secure credit card payment by VISA or Mastercard.  Pay half when you order, half when work is done.

5. Suit-Making

Skilled craftsmen in Thailand will use the measurements taken in Japan to carefully 
build your suit in Bangkok.

6. Free Delivery

Free shipping by UPS to your doorstep in around 8 weeks.

7. Voila!


You now have your very own 
tailor-made suit!

Scenes from September 2017

2017年9月に六本木の DMM.com 本社の一室で開催した際の様子。

ブランドオーナー Julian がデザインや生地の選択をアドバイス。


テイラーの Mana がお一人様ずつ丁寧に採寸します。

Your share means the world to us

Thank you

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