Hi All!

A big thank you to all who came to my lesson on Artificial Intelligence yesterday!

Deep and then Deeper Learning – How Machine Triumphed Over Man


Yes. A portentous thought. Could we humans be surpassed by our own creations?

It certainly seems so, as Alphago swept world-class Igo player Lee Sedol aside in a best-of-five(5試合)series that made everyone realise that THIS IS HAPPENING NOW.

We truly are living in exponential times

But before you all get the jitters about losing your jobs to an invisible machine and being left out cold in the street to fend for yourself (which really isn’t all that bad!), take a moment to consider how we can best equip ourselves to adapt to the impending paradigm shift and SURVIVE.

There is hope for humanity. For instance, take a moment to ponder what “hope” is.

It’s an emotion only we humans are capable of sensing. A.I doesn’t have any “hope”. It simply does not require it. It operates on the basis of pure logic and doesn’t waste time in the murkiness of “feeling”.

And therefore, A.I needn’t learn “value systems” or “ethical codes” because they are inefficiencies we humans created to help us cope with the fact that we, as individuals, are mortal and the only way to guarantee the survival of our species, we only need to reproduce and sustain our environment (our planet). 

So I think being open about your humanistic qualities, your charm, your aura, your cleverness and quirkiness is the way to ensure survival/success in the new world. And your creativity. A.I can’t replace that. Yet (!)

We are the architects of the world. And only we can destroy it. Whatever way you look at it, our destiny is very much in our hands.  So have some hope!